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We create new value for helium with corporate
management that is technology-oriented.

Nippon Helium Inc., founded in 1969, was the first company in Japan to import, refill and sell liquefied helium. As a member of the Air Water Group, which provides comprehensive solutions for industrial gas, we currently have six contract refilling plants to accommodate customers throughout the country; from our main plant in Yokohama in the center, to Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south.
"Safety" and "technology" constitute the bedrock of our service. Since our foundation, we have experienced zero accidents and make every effort to incorporate "Safety" and environmental consciousness at all sites. And, "technology" can be said to be the value we provide to our customers. In the sale of helium, which demands advanced "technology," we have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction through such methods as transfer refilling (transfer from dedicated containers) by skilled staff at the customer’s location. We will continue to contribute to our customer’s innovation in production activities and research activities by utilizing the "Technology" we have accumulated as a pioneer in helium. Looking at our business over the long term, since we handle helium, which is both a natural product and a by-product, imbalances in supply and demand will always occur. In preparation for such risks we strive to diversify procurement sources and make efforts to establish a stable supply system. It is also vital to reduce loss in the production and supply value chain because we are dealing with a precious resource. To this end, we are constructing a new ideal plant in Kawasaki to reduce losses to the minimum, in coordination with the Air Water Group.
With reliable procurement routes and highly productive factories as our business foundation, and by promoting a sales strategy with sales engineers at the core, we hope to continue our evolution while placing value on the mutually beneficial relationship with our customers. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and support.

President and CEO Ken Hagiwara

President and CEO
Ken Hagiwara

Corporate Name
Nippon Helium Inc.
July 25, 1969
Business Location
9-3 Komaoka 2-chome, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
¥45 million (JPY)
Business Outline
1. Import, refilling and sale of helium gas and liquefied helium
2. Sale of rare gases (xenon, neon, krypton)
3. Sale of stable isotope gases such as deuterium and oxygen isotopes
President and CEO : Ken Hagiwara
Executive vice president : Toshinobu Mori
Director : Takaharu Fukunaga
Director (part-time) : Tsuyoshi Tanaka
Director (part-time) : Akira Noguchi
Auditor : Nobuki Ishida


9-3 Komaoka 2-chome, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama

○From Haneda Airport
Take the Keikyū line and get off at Keikyū-kawasaki Station. Approximately 20 minutes.
From the West Exit of JR Kawasaki Station (adjacent to Keikyū-kawasaki station), take the Rinko Bus川51 to Komaoka-jujiro. Approximately 20 minutes. About a 5 minute walk from the bus stop.
○When using the Bullet train (Shinkansen)
From Shin-Yokohama Station, take the Yokohama Municipal Bus 104 to Komaoka-shako.
Approximately 15 minutes. About a 10 minute walk from the bus stop.
○When using JR Lines
From Tsurumi Station, take the Rinko Bus 鶴04 to Asahi-hendensho-mae. Approximately 15 minutes.
About a 2 minute walk from the bus stop.
○When using the Tokyu Toyoko Line
From Hiyoshi Station, take the Tokyu Bus 日93 to Asahi-hendensho-mae. Approximately 20 minutes.
About a 2 minute walk from the bus stop.

Corporate History

- Our history as a pioneer in the business of importing and refilling helium

Nippon Helium Inc. is established by joint capital investment between Daiho Sangyo Inc.
and Mitsui & Co., Ltd for the purpose of importing, sub-dividing, refilling and selling liquefied helium in Japan. Capital: 30 million yen.
Capital participation and increase by Daido Sanso K.K. (Currently, Air Water Inc.). Capital: 45 million yen.
Helium gas refilling agreement is concluded with Japan Fine Gas Co., Ltd (Currently Senboku Oxygen Co., Ltd.).
Helium gas refilling agreement is concluded with Kumamoto Daido Gas Co., Ltd (Currently Kyushu Air Water Co., Ltd).
Helium gas refilling agreement is concluded with Takenaka Kouatsu Co., Ltd.
ISO9001 is acquired.
Helium gas refilling agreement is concluded with Niigata Gas Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Full-scale entry is made into the rare gas business.
Daiho Sangyo Inc. withdraws capital.
Main plant relocates to Kawasaki City (planned).

Establishment of Plant

Turning the page on a new chapter of history
"Establishment of the Kawasaki Plant".

We are currently constructing a new plant at Shiohama, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture with the aim of further enhancing our operations and stable supply of helium. Our new factory, which is scheduled to start full-scale operation from April 2018, covers an area of 6,620 m².
We are proud that the new factory brings to fruition all initiatives set out in our Basic Environmental Policy due to thorough consideration of the environment, and which solidifies our position as a company that aims to be a global resource recycling company. Operation of the new factory will enable us to construct a more robust "total support system for gas and gas-related equipment".

Air Water Group

As a member of the Air Water Group

Since becoming a member of the Air Water Group, we have actively pursued cooperation with each group company through research, technology development, purchasing and logistics, and have generated various synergies. On this occasion we welcome a new sales engineer who is adding to the diversification and strengthening of competitiveness in the business we promote.

Air Water Group